Saturday, August 22, 2015

Packing uncovers things

I feel the chill of the morning in here today.....
It is odd here as often I look out the front & the road & field is fog laden,
come down to the back of the house & the hill behind & the fog isn't here.
Sit right on some weather path...
But soon, it will be will also be spring...when the blackbirds sing...
a couple of days ago I was in the cupboard, where folders are & I always inspect these because sometimes it's not for travelling.
I came across my profile folder of press stuff from past years.
and an old catalogue ....
I need to do this again with some press things... pop the pages here instead of the full magazine..
This was the very first magazine profile thing which was after our first booth at the Sydney Quilt show in 1996
Handmade magazine was a Packer magazine in those days & I was asked if the magazine could borrow the samples to photograph...
The one in the stripes was one of very first  designs from Theodora & Theodore cloth doll designs
The long skinny one was my favourite.....  

This was some years later when Country Threads had recently launched & I was in their 2nd edition.
I had styled the displays in  my Canberra home & the people  arrived for the photograph & talk &style where they needed to.
This was the little shift into a more primitive country look... all very exhilarating then.
 This was more in the magazine day from Country Threads.
I can see that Fiona from Cinnamon Country store was about from home  then as i have that gorgeous burgundy tin lamp that she had in her shop... which in another era I got to work in in Melbourne when I had moved there & she had opened her shop in Glen Iris