Sunday, August 30, 2015

Lavandula at Shepherds Flat

Yesterday morning I took to the road to arrive at one of my bliss spots, 
Lavandula Lavender Farm outside Hepburn Springs
The air had hints of spring...& I felt I could spare a few hours to visit with my camera one more time before I leave.
Gosh I was not disappointed, never is a wonderful farm.
I spotted the geese in the lavender beds.....& the camera was at the ready.
Look at that leader of the gaggle, she strode out with courage after some checking me out for safe passing first.
 Look at their faces 
Steeled strength.... apprehensive but determined ???

The roosters there were 3 of these chaps in their splendid colours,
mostly chasing the hens about...

I was in the car when I spotted the parrot on these twigs...
Twigs are some of my favourite things

The jonquils in this region are early risers for spring & driving in the country I see some in a field where an old farmhouse once was...
These were in the back garden in lavandula...
I gather fodder for future work.....
this is part of my observing..
I get to watch the way an animal/ bird  or flower is formed.....
then from that base I draw into a more simple form
This observing & photographing forms as much of my work as the pencil does.