Monday, August 31, 2015


It is interesting to read about the way many Australian sewing / quilting/ stitching bloggers are meeting up.
Shez in her blog Enjoying Life is often taking to the road to meet up with her blog friends as they stitch & sew & shop their way through a weekend or 10 !
In yesterday's comments Maria is on a caravan trip from WA to Qld from what I quickly read on her blog...and she is meeting up with her blog friends in QLD
This is opening up a new world in our industry.....
the way of connecting...
Sewing circles when I began were much admired from what the Americans were doing in 1980's +
Now these sewing circles have broaden somewhat ...
where not always quilt shops being the destination for travellers of the quilting interests it is bloggers meeting each other & sharing. 

Who else is doing this ?