Sunday, August 30, 2015

Easily Distracted Today

I have sat down with my cup of tea & these were the completed orders today...
Proof I have been working LOL
Aren't they just the happiest bunch ?
These pictures have been removed due to unofficial downloading 
 I did some off white socks again too
I love that contrast.
A small tree decked with the white ones & another with red.
Which now that says I need to get these into decoration mode also
 These had come off the web as I was doing something one day....& I forgot to pop them back on
The thread keepers, one is in stained only & the other has a red bird...

These are to stay on the blog moving them elsewhere...thank you for respecting me as the designer....
 Now the packing is to go back tooooooooooooooooooooo............
I am about 85% packed into the removalist things & I am just dragging the chain.....
I figure if I get all that complete by this afternoon.
I have some days ahead to feel totally free.
Few phone calls or internet changing things but I reckon I could manage that....
Make use of my down time to think on what else I want to do in the business....
Marg Low designs & I were having a conversation on the phone late yesterday, just chewing things business terms not our individual designs.
Think about life in general & write up some new directions & things I want to do....
That came about after an evening call where the values of life are brought into stronger focus....
So back to those boxes !  


Maria said...

Wonder if mine are in there ?

Good luck with the packing.

Anonymous said...

Buonasera Teodora, complimenti per tutto ciò che crea è bellissimo. ...tutte le vostre creazioni sono stupende. ..un'informazione potrei fare degli ordini via email? ??
Il mio indirizzo blog :
Le d
Sto scrivendo dal tablet quindi firmo come anonimo.
Aspetto una Vostra gentile risposta .
Grazie, un cordiale saluto da Carmen Milano Italia

theodora said...

Ciao Carmen
Sì, è possibile ordinare via e-mail, i dati della carta sono meno sicuri di quando si ordinano a ordini website.small di dire 5 tasti o 2 decorazioni pubblicheremo a $ 2,50 australiano
Cordiali saluti