Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dusting things off

Now I'll put the pictures away LOL
They are packed up in a carton....

This was my very first profile in a magazine
Country ??? I cannot remember & it was my favourite of all magazines 
This was extremely exciting...
After the team arrived & I watched them styling the stuff I had .....photograph, the 2 project items
I waited 3 months before the magazine arrived ....
Then I was nervous...
Today being in this business for 19 years & 11 months...
it is always exciting...
but I have more of a handle on what it all means... 

This was the wood painting project I did for the magazine.
These were tall wall hanging FREEDOM women !!!
They became brooches also a little later..

 In later editions of the same magazine I was often asked to contribute to the Corner Store segment in the magazine
Here were some more of my wall hanging ladies that also became brooches & some were actually modelled on cloth doll designs.
On the left was Mulberrry who was a cloth doll called Ozier Bank
Isabella, Bridie & Briony 
Briony was also a cloth doll made first in a lovely soft flannel print..  

Helena was a very popular well as she is here as the wall hanging
In those days I did kits of the designs for people to paint.

 Still on the painting patterns I did this one a bit broader in the patterning.
This was the original scene that became a popular stitchery, there were wood pieces & of course simply cat was with me for many years, based on my lovely black cat Mishka,
Who was my constant companion in the garden & we did sometimes just walk & sometimes we talked... as one does with any cat....
This painting on a photo album was done by my dear friend Sue Cook who is a beautiful painter & now has exhibitions of different style of painting in Canberra...often another watercolour artist dear friend Nell Anderson will be exhibiting in the same venue at different times.
It will be so exciting to be able to attend their exhibitions again!!!

Then Sue Mc who is recovering from a big operation has promised a week where we 3 will go down to her beach house to paint....
Like stitching does today, painting draws us together too.