Thursday, August 27, 2015

Chaos comes to mind !

I find things as I sift through samples, fabric , dismantle display boards etc
I had tossed santa to travel in a box where I just shoved the pillows... & each time I would put a toe in that room his red cheery coat & absolute sweetness would give me some sort of hope in that  down stage.

 The days are now drawing in...
Yesterday was lunch with an old friend 
who introduced me to one of her granddaughters that she has known me since I was born because she is a year older.
I paused for a moment & thought that is true how amazing !
She will come to visit.....

 But I have to get there first !!!
I am so grateful for the cleaner who will follow me in once the goods are packed & gone....
and now I must do a newsletter & get into chaos this MORNING !!