Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Little French today

Late last week my copy of Quilt Country came from Edi-Saxe magazines in France
with more of the SECRET GARDEN QUILT that Marie-Claude & I have participated in.
The Felt egg cup covers with buttons little design is looking very happy in the magazine also.

This is a French would need to translate...but believe me the pictures are wonderful
Cheri.... USA is featured in this one. 
She was a folk art painter who did cute people & things when I was full into the stuff...then she did some quilts in that gorgeous country style & they still are some of the best interesting designs...
She had fabric & it was names after her business
Now she does more divine quilts
 Here are the Egg Cups
Fast & simple designs & make for a happy start to the breakfast table

 More of the Secret Garden
 Nadine from France sent this overnight of one of the 
SECRET GARDEN DESIGNS I did for the Quilt Country magazine.
She has chosen colours for the stitching... 
the magazine sample was in redwork 
remember Nicole also from France had sent me a bag using this same design in redwork.
Nadine stitched my French Houses stitchery series The Country Cottage
This design was honouring Marie-Claude's mouse catching cat Mouchette.... in the spring garden

I always feel very fortunate to see my designs worked by the hands of others with their creative input to colours & little variations.
Some very fine stitchers also !!!