Friday, July 31, 2015

Tinkling thoughts of Giraffes & drawing things

I want to add an update here about the 
These have been mostly removed ..
many many people benefitted from this generosity 

I hope many of you have stitched those designs and apprecited my drawing them & finally giving them away for a time.
No images are to be removed from this blog unless I give permission
I note some taking of my pictures still persists and you know I am right p/off at this attitude....
it is so not a nice thing to do ladies....
The posting on pinterest needs to be removed also as it no longer applies 

did not have any permission to post there.

I fancy a change & do you think typing over here was simple ! 
So I went back to what is comfortable in the centre of the page.

These little framed pieces are from the buttons of course 
 tell little stories in the Theodora's Studio book, which is nearly sold out..only a few copies are left.

The picture reminded me ...of the giraffe's in my last post....always same imprint of my drawings...
Wood is very static, so there is always a restriction when I work my illustrations into this medium..
Stitching brings me a different framework 
Applique similiar...
But it is all the same
Begins with the pencil or pen depending where I am, flying over the page...
I have painted for many years now but I love the process, the painting & the finished shapes..
occasionally I have cringed as I look at a wood design that is old & my skill base has improved a little so I have to take that off the collection...
sometimes they show up again in very unexpected places.

Once, many years ago when I had designed the lady brooches & painted away....
They were unique & of course all from part of my own persona... 
these things can be very very personal.....

I was at a craft fair as a customer, with a friend & we were in Canberra.
As was our habit we'd separate ..& meander with a rough 2 hr time to meet...
My friend came back to me 
& said Barb, 
"I don't think you want to see what I have just seen.."
What ???
"Your lovely ladies are copied & not so good."
I want to look I said.
I did look at these unpainted versions 
The "designer " had no inkling of who I was
I purchased each of the designs because what I saw horrified me.
at home I slotted each "lady" over my pieces....
One head with hat sat on another's body...
so it went on through what was then about 8 designs I had done.
The poor things looked so abnormal, so uncomfortable...
their will always be opportunists...
Sad isn't it. 

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