Wednesday, July 29, 2015

On A Sunny Day Stitchery

Slowly I am crowbarring my stitches into the fabric to make the 
On A SUNNY DAY from the pattern in SWEET COMPANY series.

I had a long phone call latish in the evening so I was wide awake 
& with little to choose from on TV 
( I enjoy the noise of an interesting show as I stitch)
I listened & half watch a drug thing on ABC2 
at times it was hard to concentrate on my stitching.

I heard the rebel voices of what they consider the reason for any drug taking,
the father whose daughter's brain swelled so much & she died..
the policeman who saw I guess the raw edge of all it brings
the medicals ????
Oh and the supply lines who thought they were doing a community service

It reminded me of all our excuses why we eat chocolate 
don't exercise much,
why some drink, etc etc.

Then I thought to where these people lived ( at home ??? ) some worked... were they really on top of their game ? did they drive ?????
how as a society we have raised this way & is it much different to my rebellious 60's ???

So there I was stitching 
making my observations & opinions
returning to how we are really living as a society.....
I think it is all slightly out of whack...

So it is why we need to keep doing lovely things like stitching & sewing & painting etc 
to bring beauty into our lives & to connect ...

I shall leave you with the giraffes
Young ... colourful ... in love..happy too!!!