Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Oh my this is a divine inspirational website

before I get going on another topic ....
I have been in this website
Watch the videos oh wow I want to be there !!!
I have known & loved Vanessa's fabrics for a long time....
I had purchased another English magazine the other & seen this cloth in an unusual pink tone & it had a gorgeous design print on it....... well today I bought another English decor magazine & there was an article on Vanessa Arbuthnott & the fabric 
So I came in to look & have been here ever since.

I adore the rooms she creates, the colours of  her fabrics ...
Go see it is so inspirational & she talks in one video of her design history ...you will LOVE IT

Now I shall spoil the view with this.
The Christmas Story 
I tell a little picture every few nights
Last night was the Snowman star design which went all out in felt & some stitching for trees etc...
So the birdie as a robin, santa as he is & the star snowman...
So many things you can quickly play with in these designs
Which is called Christmas Story
It is guess where ..
copyright Barb Smith