Saturday, July 25, 2015

NEW STITCHERY DESIGNS like colouring in books

I have just finished the redraw of these designs which are going out in the plain light of day as reasonably priced Stitching Designs.
The strip ones can be done as one entire stitchery or strip designs or even little pieces.  Some will have a couple of the folk enlarged to just play & turn head on the side for some lateral thinking of which all creative spirits are !!
Yesterday I hastily traced the top santa strip & stitched it while waiting at an appointment..when I press it later I will show you.
These are so exciting & I love exploring the ideas of which bit to play with & where...
They are on the website right now .
The detailed page ones are $9.50 
Also I have 4 critters on a page .....see the funny donkey on the left ?
the Christmas bits is 2  for playing with again 
Both these are $7 each.
copyright Barb Smith 2015
CHECK WEBSITE FOR THESE IMAGES  for the patterns now available

NOW as if that isn't enough excitement for a dull & dreary Saturday morning...
The QUILTED CROW newsletter arrived as I was doing these pictures onto the web.
'WHERE WOMEN CREATE ' magazine from  the Quilted Crow in Australia
for $25 quarterly subscription x 4 times a year
This is fantastic because our Aussie $ is very low in the overseas market & I get this magazine from the USA a bit & the postage is incredible like $40 ???
So get it here now, you can buy individual copies too