Monday, July 27, 2015

I was still researching when I found this amazing website

Before everyone gets too excited about the Australian quilt industry ...which I cannot find any statistics kept for this...& our population is much smaller than UK & USA... so have a reality check first LOL It's alove & a passion often.
While I was researching I happened on this informative website 
It will give all of us some understanding of what it involves & there is much to read on this website.
Just so interesting.
Many years ago a colleague & I had our books & patterns taken up by a large distributor in USA & luckily our Aust distributor at the time warned us of the lesser amount we'd need to reduce the distribution price by & how long we would have to wait for payment.
We took it to get the word out mostly & as we had both self published we'd paid for the print runs up front & had all that "debt" waiting for a return to sell the books.
You may wonder how it feels to have a print run delivery truck pull up & there are the boxes..full of books for you now to market & get a return for expenditure.
Leave to think as you sew ..LOL