Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Few things of Interest

Well my order arrived yesterday & I had trialled some new sizes... & ordered a wrong i had retired even though it is cute ...the bird came from the birdie cut away decoration...of many years ago.

I have altered the teacup size & now they are 20mm & once the older stock goes these will be the size in future.
The large deer in 70mm is back for his Christmas tan & off white...
These 3 decorations are now going to 7cm like most of what I have in the round decorations the stock again is 6cm & I need to check what those numbers are & we go 7cm & 6cm maybe for a time.
The houses I have decided will be the larger 45mm size & again once the smaller ones are gone this will be the stock standard size.....
I will pop them onto my website later today.

The PRE ORDER SPECIALS for the stitcheries are due to finish for the time being in a day or so....
grab if you are musing over it now while this excellent value is...


Jane said...

Would love to order but have had no response to any emails sent to you about shipping and costs :(

theodora said...

Hello Jane
Would you mind going to my website & leave your question there as I have not received an email from email at contact there... or look at an email attached to your profile post as I responded on your last blog comment here.