Friday, June 19, 2015

As Far as I got

This is as far as I have got in using my designed rabbit stamps (Copyright Barb Smith)
Mache Boxes presented themselves last evening in the midst of some furniture moving in the office.
I will paint the boxes & adhere the fabric & I think it works well.

Sun is UP FINALLY ....these days working up to the SHORTEST DAY
have been really trying...
Dark at 7am...
Dark at 5.30pm
Dull rainy days..
Not a good mix (lol)

Nicole in France is stitching one of the samples which I felt she would enjoy the French rabbit in the garden....
This morning I laughed as the rabbit has been posted & packed with lettuces for him to eat on the journey...

Next week I will look out for the Swiss air post carrying Martina's stitching for me & maybe late in the week Nicole's rabbit stitched for me.
Nicole has made Oscar a toy !

This cat shares some of my world...& emails & he does is on the blog now & then.....
Sometimes I say do that roll over sleep again so I can take a photo & he obliges...
time & time again...he makes a good model 
...the cat I have only as a friend.. 
He is always an interested cat & loves it when he happens to pop over when I have chores to do 
& I engage his help... full of purpose he strides to the backdoor as we go to collect the washing....or take things to the bins..
The other day I was doing a few things & he thoroughly enjoyed the excitement..
Next day he arrives ready for the same again..
Only to be disappointed.