Saturday, May 23, 2015

Stitchers I need You !!!!

UPDATE 24/5/15  I have had an amazing response to my ad below & thank you all..for now I have lots of stitching friends to assist me  & I am totally delighted 
An Unusual looking post ....
I am needing some stitchers to work some samples for me. 
If anyone is interested ....
please email via the website
with some details  ...location mostly.
Thanks Barb

This is the same building about an hour later than first photo..
on my way back to the car..
I didn't realise when I took the shot how quickly a lot of the building had been placed in shadow
Winter sun is so scarce & when towering buildings come into an area this is one of the complaints blocking out natural light...I get it completely now.
I absolutely hate dark houses.....
I grew up in a federation house that is 100 this year...
the windows & the tall ceilings made it for a cold dark house in winter...
So now I always look for the light in a house.
I would not possibly want to live over the lane from this lovely white wall either....

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