Thursday, May 14, 2015

STENCILS & Chalky Paint

I love a good looking stencil....
Imagine how amazing it was to get a box containing many divine signs in French Provence
These are A4  size stencils....& I am casting my gaze around late this arvo when I finished the big order & my treat was to play with these stencils & try out the chalky paint.
Paint will be fab for a couple of pieces of furniture & maybe for some of the larger all in one coloured things

I actually had a large soft stencil brush that glided over the stencil & onto the linen fabric.
I was in PARIS  in some studio..trying each stencil.
I found a small mache box & all worked well there too.
The side of a box I chalky painted & then stenciled 

Ran out of things to stencil on LOL