Friday, May 22, 2015

Look what I found !!!

Yesterday I was walking to the photocopier's the long way.....sometimes I do this. 

I walk different ways...or take a slight diversion
I needed a small chocolate on my way back & via 
Organise My shop in Bath Lane.
Thought I'd check out the clothing shop in a little walk through area next door....
as chance would have it it was closed for lunch..
 the Belgian chocolate shop next door was not !!!!
Indulge in Bendigo
It is near the hwy in the centre of the city..just park up near the fountain & walk towards the shops in Mitchell st but turn right into Bath'll find it !
 Today I came back to collect my copying via the long way with attractions & my camera ..
as on one corner I saw this building had been kind of whitewashed & 
a naked tree was silhoutted  against the building 
this stencilled sign on the corner... 

This is the building.....I touched this one up to a warm black & white shot
 This is the original colour....