Sunday, May 17, 2015

Button Stitchery Stories

Barb Smith copyright
These little ones are the newest Button Stitchery Stories
They are so sweet & so simple  to stitch...
They are now on the website...well I need to add the Paris Design Studio later...scans not photos are best for the web.
I see a batch of my pictures have been taken to pinterest via Italy again without any permission from me..
The Good NEWS is SOON I will do my own Pinterest Pages & I will go back also onto Facebook
I do have accounts on them both.... so just need to spend  time there.


kiwikid said...

Love the tea cups and pots Barb

theodora said...

Thanks Sue !
Barb xx

Christine M said...

I love the teapot and cake stand.

theodora said...

Hi Christine,
It loo good enough to eat...that cake with little strawberries on top always sets a yearning for me
Barb xxxx