Saturday, April 18, 2015

You Tube !!

Imagine my surprise when I did a google search on my tradename....I like to see what is where..

I found a YOU TUBE well 2 videos of my work done by my lovely customer  Moscow shop...
Thank you Taty....
Now I hope these links work....I need to test them ..Done tested & they work fine !
You will see on the side bar of You Tube one of Sara Guermani's gorgeous cross stitch designs..

Today I read & viewed some of the quilts on ABC news, 
the AQC is currently on in Melbourne ....


Radka said...

Really great videos, Barbara, so well done, it shows your buttons so clearly; thank you for the links.
I also had a look at Sara's website, she is new to me. I love her "windows" designs, and your buttons look so great on the Christmas ones.

theodora said...

Yes Radka I was really thrilled at seeing the You Tube.. & the clarity

Sara's cross stitch designs are something special !!!
Barb xxx