Thursday, April 9, 2015

This is more of the same

I forgot to take the photo of this when I was doing the blog yesterday....
my favourite...I think.!
This had been  in sprayed on a writing stencil...which was a faded look..
which at the time I didn't think much of it..
but of course now it is so soft & allows other fabric to stand out...

 My friend Napping !!
He has to WAIT for her .....
so might as well catch a little shut eye.


kiwikid said...

That is beautiful Barb.

theodora said...

It is one of my favourite things !
Thanks Sue xxxx

Janelice Bastiani said...

Adorei seu blog e as postagens, agora sou seguidora do blog.
Venha visitar meu blog
Você será muito bem vinda.
Janelice Bastiani

theodora said...

Hello Janelice... gorgeous & fun knitting & crocheting.
Barb xxx