Thursday, April 16, 2015

Some magic moves going on tonight

    You know that there are times everything seems to have a mind of it's don't cancel etc etc
I did some work today...some things I was doing are longer term & another little batch have gone to be made into my experiment !
Maybe Monday you will see what that is about.
Painting is in order ..lovely barrows of flowers & soft baskets of flowers & tweeny birds & blue cats..were today's lot along with the French Street in those soft lovely colours 
My body still creaks....not been a great day....I have had an amazing reaction to the treatment which when it all stops reverberating should be magic...
Some has shown interesting & surprising results....
the rest I hope follows...

Newsletter last night announcing an exhibition of Brian William's divine beach themed paintings..I hope to get to see this ....

Brian Williams is Exhibiting from Wednesday 15th April until Wednesday 13th May at
Sandy Beach HQ

Sandy Beach HQ a thriving kiosk right on the beach at Sandringham.

36 Jetty Road, Sandringham. Open 7 days a week from 9am to 4pm. Phone 9598 2912. (Melways ref: 76E-8)
Some more samples that are ideas for the painted. or sprayed or stamped fabric pieces 
Great creative workshops these were last year...
As you may tell I am yearning to get back to doing some of this style of work a few days perhaps.