Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mix of things

For the people involved in those dreadful horrid storms above Sydney in the Hunter Valley region & Sydney & south of Sydney
I hope it will all be over soon & you are all safe & dry.

The rabbit is  anew addition of 5 rabbit stamps I have just collected from the printer who made them for me 
To play with....
Stay tuned LOL

This is an art exhibition that my dear friend Sue Cook is exhibiting in using beeswax & stuff...
On in Canberra from 3rd May to 5th June 
at Yarralumla Gallery
Sue has painted in folk art for me when I traded under the Woodcutter's Daughter.... some of you may recall the stitchery
Somedays we just walk & somedays we just talk.
This was a series of  mediums & Sue painted a cover of a wood photo album..she also did paint lots of my lady brooches..
Now she has gone onto many more bigger projects..
Artistic she is....
As is my other dear artist friend Nell Anderson who these days works in beautiful watercolours
She is currently exhibiting at the Yarralumla Gallery in Canberra

Bronwyn..another painting colleague  gave me this card when I was at Monbulk quilt show in March
He sewing group are ambassadors for the Ballarat Apron Festival in May 9th & 10th.
It looks like an interesting festival ...this is of course in Victoria at Ballarat.