Sunday, April 26, 2015

Little tidying

Yesterday was the day for doing some methodical tidying ...but I am always distracted as I find interesting things .....but on the whole I achieved some things

My friend Suse sent me this card last week & she wrote some more inspiring words inside..
The card says 
You Inspire Me
I hung it on my white tree which is most useful for things other than Christmas....ribbons I want to be reminded to use... 
some tags I found that I had written on from Vision Boards a few years ago & meaningful now ... 

 What is it about twine ????
I love it !!!

This full of threads..& the one behind has ribbons & tinsel.... I tried to squash more into jars..
There were a few too many...
This tag I had done some years ago & tied on here at some stage ...
I was surprised it has survived several moves also LOL