Sunday, March 29, 2015

Most Interesting Book due out

I was toying up whether to buy this book written by Australians for the creative industry I think on copyright, trademarks, photography, bloggers etc etc..
so from what I can see it is tailor made for us creative folk.
 will be a wonderful legal reference book
It is $75  plus postage 
but you know sometimes that is small price to pay for knowing what we all need to be aware of.
It is on pre order due for release on April 9th 2015

The Birthday cake, jug, teapot & cup with saucer 
are in this month's Country Quilt magazine from France
Worked into  delightful teapot & cup mats.
Soon I will light candles for my birthday again.....
needs to be a huge cake now....LOL

When I arrived in from Melbourne..
my friend greeted me ....
We call him rent a cat.....he is not mine....but he calls by...& chatters... he is a smart cat & he told me things of importance with concentrated looks down to where the bins were & had been put by his boy..
Until I acknowledged all of that, he kept up the different meows...repeats it all.

Anyone who has lived with oriental cat breeds will know exactly what I am talking about.
They do like to talk & have a large range of words & are always interested in what is going on
This one has some past breeding in him....
doesn't have the look except the eyes are different & what ticks behind them is so amazing.
He isn't Millie cat but he is lovely to have as a friend.

He often gets just tired of waiting for something to happen & flops on the floor & tucks his paws up under his chin for a short nap

I did these a few weeks ago..some more painting on the fabric.
such fun but I wouldn't want to do it everyday.....these will go on the web today perhaps ?

I found them when I decided to change paint tables yesterday & then well most of the room was
moved about.
I still have much fine tuning to do....
not sure that it all looks ok...?

It is staying that way for a little while...
It was fun to clear the design work space 
find these fabric painted pieces

 and these button stories were done for a button club in the past.what 2 years ago...
The file was being moved as they are stored with other work either in progress or stored for one day soon to work on again

Time flies by & this month seemed as if it has just begun & now it is at it's end...

Off to make that book purchase now...and then enjoy this superb autumn day that is just beginning