Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Easter Parade

Been an odd day...
I did get some painting of 2 orders done early
posted one
Rabbits twitching their whiskers in pinks, browns, green
pastel blue
as they popped into boxes 
to destinations afar in United States of America & just a hippity hop to Marg in Albury...
More are ready for painting tomorrow to travel to Lilydale at the edge of Melbourne.
It is such fun to have an Easter this year !!!
I have just tonight experimented  with printing some of these button stories in a different venue
Always a little risk... but we;'ll see

The phone & the internet have been really annoying me dropping off to sleep when it suits them
making it difficult to do this sort of stuff...maybe I have sorted it but we'll see !!! again copyright Barbara Smith
Please do not copy ..thank you !