Friday, March 27, 2015

Been for a short stay in Melbourne

I was gone......up the highway....
Into Auburn Road in a slightly dazed state...
to browse & find a gorgeous book 
"Running Away From Home"
So I am happy then
go in search of a cup of tea..
There is  sweet cafe & larder store across the road from EST...
Nice person in the shop..I shall go felt good.
Maling Road was going to be next....
but I said tomorrow
drove on right past the street 
to my destination 
to sleep over at a friend's house...

Today I came back..happy to set off early
dawdle along the highway..
Woodend for some veges
taking the back way to Kyneton via Central Springs Road...near ..close by somewhere there..the Cleave's had settled there in 1800's
Into Piper Street..
yet more wanderings..
Nice time & been a long time since I have done all of this..
the weather changes & I stare off  into the distance.