Wednesday, February 4, 2015

French magazine quilt joint project

I rarely show these things, so sticking my neck out ( I do that on a regular basis LOL )
I have just seen the magazine in France with the stitching drawings I did for a joint effort with Marie-Claude in France..she did all the hard work of forming the quilt..I just sat at my table with pencil & paper....what I love to do.

I am really pleased & a bit overwhelmed to see it on line humbles me.
( and now have to wait for my magazine copy to fly in!!! )
It humbles me because I think who would have thought that I could come thus far...
when here..
 I sat on my Father's ( the woodcutter) knee in Cohuna.
A small country town where population then was ??? grows sometimes & returns at others...
blissfully happy... & today..

well.... I am pleased with my own personal achievements...
thanks to the high school that for me gave me the beginnings of different wings 
when one particular teacher drummed into me....doing your best, I have always done what I could do as my best....
not always did I make the hockey team to travel away 
but I tried my best 
& others were better than me some of the time.....

So today I travel with that still 
I find competing distasteful ....
I love to just do what I can & somethings I cannot do as well as the next person...& that is ok as there is room for us all...don't you think ?
and we get to share our talents 
Thank you Marie-Claude....Mouchette & Honey  XXX


kiwikid said...

Wow Barb, if we could be happy with our own achievements and not be competing with others what a difference it would make to the world!! Love the photo and well done on the magazine...looking forward to seeing the article.

shez said...

wow thats an awesome post Barb,love the pic of you and your dad xx

max and louise pattern co said...

There is room for us all dear Barb and I think you are a remarkably talented, kind and sharing lady. I admire you Lisa xx

theodora said...

Thanks Kiwi kid...!
Barb xxx

theodora said...

Thanks Shez..Barb xxxx

theodora said...

Thanks Max & Louise , very kind words & ditto LOL
Barb xxx

Radka said...

BIG, BIG congratulations, Barbara!
The quilt looks lovely, very tempted to order a copy of magazine.
Oh dear, here we go again, another beautiful design I MUST HAVE, LOL!

theodora said...

Hi Radka,
The quilt will be fun to stitch....glad you are liking it !
barb xxx