Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Framed Book Samples

I was totally & easily distracted this morning...I have done a few odd things but nothing I measure with much of the detail that maybe it deserves.

I have ordered postcards & stickers in pretty colours... colour does it....
So after doing that & feeling very pleased with myself 
the ideas started to work at what else I can get printed

Oh use this frame for some of the samples from the book
Theodora's Studio 
( remember it has a pre releases special on until it is released around March 13th) 
Eventually I got to cut the linen off the roll
& set a few different designs on the frame
I am so drawn to that donkey and the elephant & the giraffe 
rabbits got to me ages ago..
It is a while since all of these were born into the button stable...
but somehow stories are wandering into it now
Creative process & progress maybe...?
HOWEVER... they are looking very peaceful in the frame..maybe that is it an overwhelming peace descends  for me as I gaze at these....
These will be trotting along to the 
on MARCH 14th 2015
 at MONBULK in the Dandenong Ranges
 money being raised for those firefighters in the area
copyright Barb Smith
do not copy thank you