Friday, February 20, 2015

Buttons for the BOOK LAUNCH in Early March

The buttons for the Book Launch are done !!!
They are already on the web & priced at the home page or in Button Stories
You can order now for them to go out when the book is launched & this special is not available for issue until early March on the day the book is launched & that date is to be determined by the printer LOL

Order now to make good the special....

I packaged in several ways
This first one is the LOT
Which is normally $83.50
will be special for the book launch at $ 71.50

This is the animal & bird batch
Special $ 19.50
Normally will be $22.95

Christmas Lot
$22.00 will be the special price for the Book Launch
Normally will retail at $28.35

Giraffe & Co
$30.00 Special book Launch price 
&normally will be retailing at