Sunday, January 11, 2015

Working on Workshop for April

Yesterday I needed to get together a board to give a look at what the next workshop with Mrs Martin's Quilt shop in April 2015 at Moonie Ponds
As I am trading on Saturday with Mrs Martins Quilt shop & Max & Louise pattern company at their Summer School on Saturday 17th Jan 2015....
Needed a board to show  

I was mucking about with some fabric to paint & stamp & stencil
had to try a freehand painted rabbit on the fabric...
I am really thrilled at the way it has shaped up...
The effect is great & took me no time at all !
I won't teach it yet..but it can be on the cards at a later time I think ??????
And ....I also bought a couple of small embroidery hoops during the week to have about in case I wanted to test a look.
Well there was the bunny family just waiting to try that out
Looks awesome & I need some bigger ones now to explore another little button story sort of thing...
Pictures below which are copyright & leave where they are thanks.
Barb xxx


kiwikid said...

They look fantastic the rabbits.

max and louise pattern co said...

oh Barb I love the rabbit he is just
gorgeous. Can't wait to see that for real!! Also the the bunny buttons.
see you Saturday xxx

theodora said...

Thank You Kiwi Kid.. love the rabbits too, they are kind of happy things
Barb xxx

theodora said...

Hi Max & Louise....Looking forward to Saturday .....See you at your Summer School Barb xxxx