Sunday, January 11, 2015

Working on Workshop for April

Yesterday I needed to get together a board to give a look at what the next workshop with Mrs Martin's Quilt shop in April 2015 at Moonie Ponds
As I am trading on Saturday with Mrs Martins Quilt shop & Max & Louise pattern company at their Summer School on Saturday 17th Jan 2015....
Needed a board to show  

I was mucking about with some fabric to paint & stamp & stencil
had to try a freehand painted rabbit on the fabric...
I am really thrilled at the way it has shaped up...
The effect is great & took me no time at all !
I won't teach it yet..but it can be on the cards at a later time I think ??????
And ....I also bought a couple of small embroidery hoops during the week to have about in case I wanted to test a look.
Well there was the bunny family just waiting to try that out
Looks awesome & I need some bigger ones now to explore another little button story sort of thing...
Pictures below which are copyright & leave where they are thanks.
Barb xxx