Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Cat rescue

Watch the latest video from the animal rescue absolute kindness & dedication people & place.
Little kittens rescued...& then the mother cat is rescued later & all are reunited.
The kittens eyes were in a sad state, but I loved the little spirit of one tiny weee kitten licking it's Mum when they were reunited...was it so pleased.

It isn't far from the way we in Australia treat many of our fellow citizens ..neglect really, lack of care... everything does have some feeling.  You know if every company paid it's fair share of taxes....& the governments of whatever day focussed on it's people we'd all live a better life.
It shouldn't just be left to a few who have such an abundance of love & caring nature to scoop up the neglect of others.... 

I watch this video & I am happy sad as tears stream down my face....I don't have a tissue in my pocket & I just have to stay is such a bigger lesson in humanity.
I will step off my soap box now !

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