Friday, January 9, 2015

Once there was one button

Once there was one button.... well actually I think the first batch had to be 10 buttons.....
They grew into little stories which changed my way of designing stitcheries to some extent.
I love the button stories as they are quick to stitch, the button is already been done by me...
add some scenery or words...
use on things like
on or in canvas frames
bags from small to large
table runners
door hangers
pin cushions
Some stories are now being produced in a French magazine ....stitched by.....
I can tell you more later.....
In this picture are some new but simple button stories which went onto the yesterday...

I have done a version of the painted stuff in a little fabric story with the running rabbit...I must check he has gone back onto the

also... in this picture is a representation of the happenings that have gone on this month & it is only day 9 !!!
I also popped into this collage more of the button stories ...with Zac the donkey....cats..dogs..snail...animals at circus sampler.....
Barb Smith