Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Little painted pieces

I am about to put these on the web ....
UPDATE...I put these on the web & in a few moments 2 have been sold to France...
I will be doing some more later today..!!!

They are smaller painted fabric pieces on a thicker linen cotton fabric..
Equally as much fun...
The size is approximately 100mm x130mm 

I was in the city open mall spot yesterday ...doing a photocopy experiment...& later walked through the arcade into the Pall Typo.
I love this little shop & I find some amazingly interesting stuff in there including stamps, stencils, pens , journals, notebooks etc etc..
The young woman who runs the store I guess was so excited to win an in house Typo store competition & she is going to France for 10 days for her store's efforts...only 4 from their 150 global stores..!
I am very happy for her, as the store is lovely, music makes me stay a while longer & the service & the staff are great.
Well Done TYPO in BENDIGO !!!!

I popped into see the Provincial Decor Living store in full sale mode...always a treat to stroll in the vast building & converse with the lovely people who run this store too.

I was reading an article in a magazine I love to buy when I spot it called FLOW it is a Danish production I think...always has really good articles as visual & it feels good.
Liz Marklund a writer from Sweden was telling her story  ..& this quote resonated so much with me... at the top Government levels to our own backyard 
How true can that be !!!!
There are many instances today we forget to just do that !
Investing in our youth, the troubled souls, the ones where circumstances have not been so good...or just on a particular day.

This reminds me also in a different way of a story I was told at the Summer School.
One always has meaningful conversations & this was not the only one.

A lady had gone to a Gathering type affair where she knew no one.
She sat at a table with a group who all knew each other.
They ignored her all day.

Now, how would that make you feel & how bad mannered is that....
She didn't ever want to go to one of these events again...
Mrs Martin said "Come to our events I will make sure you are looked after."
She was placed with a group who also knew no one else there
it was a lovely day.
This lady of course has now returned to an event run by Mrs Martin....
Both times she has enjoyed the day....& this is how it should be.
As hostesses & tutors & designers & traders & helpers & fellow class mates on the day...
one needs to be mindful of this most critical element.

I was so pleased to hear the happy ending.
Time I did something else.....I do like to write LOL


Radka said...

That's a good story :-)

kiwikid said...

Your paintings are beautiful the saying and it is so true! I have experienced the same as the ignored lady, it makes it so much harder to go places on your own...can always rely on you and Mrs Martin to make sure everyone is included and happy!!

theodora said...

Yes Radka, Small but significant acts of kindness. Barb xxx

shez said...

love your story barb and it does make one stop and think a little bit of kindness can mean the world to someone else,love your paintings to Barb i can see why they were scooped up so quick,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

theodora said...

I am glad you have told that too... it must be so hard a day..& thanks I am glad you feel we make you feel welcome.
Barb xxxx

theodora said...

Thanks Shez.... it is important we all remember at times we are the stranger at a party ..gosh doesn't that feel so what is it exposed...
Barb xxxx

Anita : Shabby Quilt said...

Great story, love you paintings.

theodora said...

Thanks Anita....I sure love good stories & painting.... they kind of go together LOL
Barb xx