Tuesday, December 16, 2014

This Book The Gift of Kindness

Oh this tugs at my heart strings...
The kindness of the creator of this special kind of animal rescuers is amazing & it comes with the message on animal care practices...
The discarded animals are given the gift of kindness in the stories told.
I was in Lancefield & Romsey today & nipped into a little gift shop in Romsey for last minute gift shopping.
This book took me back to it more than once & it won over a bottle of relish..
it is heart warming to know such kind caring & loving people are here...
This farm is near where I was ....little did I know until I came home & was reading stories with tears being wiped away ...my eyes brim now as I write....it is so beautiful in the truth of loving.
The royalities of the book go to the mission..how wonderful of penguin publishing ..
I see on the website the van with some of the animals will be at 
Lancefield Farmers Market this weekend 20th December 2014.
You can buy the book online at the website ....


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