Thursday, December 4, 2014

Some Christmas Spirit

No not the sort of Christmas spirit you drink from a glass
Just the ordinary buzz one can get from
or making things to decorate...

The white tree I found as a kit, glued the slats to the stems, let it dry & white washed quickly with acrylic paint ..
for these sort of painting jobs ..
if you don't have a brush, just use a sponge from the kitchen & wipe paint on..
My snowman & santa are simple designs of mine in felt..
the hand painted wood decorations 
I painted to decorate this wire Tilda tree...

I have had this simple stocking design kicking around for a few moves now
Using the wool felts of has stability..but is soft.
Add a cuff on the top.... use scalloped or pinking shears for edges..
sew some of my reindeer on the cuff....
If you do a small size use the smallest deer button... 
mid size deer for not as big 
the the BIG deer for  big stocking

The length of the stocking can look a bit bare..
add a little circle, oval..square in the  length of stocking
sew on in felt
or a square
an oblong.
Do a scene with 2 winter trees & a small deer.
How simple is that !!