Saturday, November 22, 2014

Worked on Display Boards

copyright & don't copy from here thanks Barb Smith 2014

This morning I rolled up my sleeves after I had been for an early walk in the park
And ....
started to work for the 
workshop next weekend.
I had no idea what I wanted to tackle first...
this can go on & on if ...
I don't pull myself together..
get a grip as it were.
Do what is a change from what I do a lot
A display board
Pulling things together...
deciding how this first board would look...
Mostly a red felt affair...

The next board is all kind of linen & stuff..
But equally works a Christmas theme
I had a day where I had sewn some linen stuff & eventually got it all together.
Oh I see some left over buttons on the board.
This took me a few trials of buttons to see what was looking the best.
I often love very minimalist on things where the fabric speaks ....
So even had the stencils out yesterday at some stage..
& that word one is just that a stencil...
I have some anchoring of buttons onto bits now & those 2 are done...
Fills me up this sort of stuff. 
The next workshop I do hosted by Mrs Martin's Quilt shop 
will be on 11th APRIL 2015
Moonee Ponds Primary School
10 till 3pm.
Contact Mrs Martin's Quilt Shop to book.
Guess we won't be doing Christmas in April...
I will think away after this lovely Christmas one is completed.
In March 2015
I will be trading & doing some demonstation at

JULY 17th I think Is 
Christmas in July with Max & Lousie at June's in Boronia
I need to have a ponder very soon.
But I am this ...


max and louise pattern co said...

Hi Barb cool boards love them!! Our Christmas day is Saturday 11th July 2015 and we are looking forward to a great day with you xxxx

kiwikid said...

Love the display boards Barb...looking forward to Saturday.