Monday, November 17, 2014

Krystal's Freedom from Stroke

Thelma's Craft Ladies asked me a little time ago if they could stitch my Woodcutters Daughter designs in a quilt for a charity.
The quilt will be auctioned  
The charity raises funds for Krystal see the facebook & twitter links

This morning the pictures arrived in my in box early & what a delightful way to begin my day.

I am always happy to do this & am honoured in being able to be a part of this in a minute way.
It is very humbling 
I see stitchings from my Bless Them Stitchers & A year in the Country and the pattern A Bend in the River.  
You can purchase tickets or make a donation for Krystal's journey in life 
see the facebook...
Stay with her....on facebook or twitter.....