Monday, November 10, 2014

Airing of the Quilts in the Orchard

Last night I had some news from my old school girlfriend who had been visiting relatives near Ruffy in Victoria..
Right next door was the up & coming airing of the quilts in the orchard..
A sneak viewing of the quilts brought the news that some of my buttons were on a quilt or 2 
Valda Martin

I have emailed Valda today & here is a very enticing bio dynamic orchard
laden with CHERRIES !!!
& Quilts 
Valda kindly sent me this little speil for the up & coming quilt airing...
as well as some most interesting websites of the farm & the community..with divine timber church accommodation and really a destination I think.
If you can get to this on the weekend ...
It is near Euroa in Victoria..what an adventure 
please tell me all about your visit !!!
It sounds a most inviting place.

"WELCOME to Mill Spring Farm 
and our ‘

Open on 
Thursday 13, Friday 14, Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 , November ,2014

Valda quotes, 
“that her soul is fed by needle and thread”.
On this visit you will see the results of her range of needlework 
from fine Carrickmacross lace 
through blackwork, 
shadow work, 
petit point, 
cross stitch, 
ribbon embroideries 
and onto appliqué, 
patchwork and quilting.

Adrian and Valda moved to Ruffy in 1974 from Wantirna South where they commercially grew peaches and flowers specializing in violets, chrysanthemums, Easter daisy and helichrysums. 
Adrian’s ancestors were flower growers and orchardists.  Valda’s were orchardists, flower and vegetable growers.

The Mill Spring Farm orchard was planted over twenty years ago and the whole property, 
with the help of son, Craig, is run on Bio-Dynamic principles.  
Biodynamics is an advanced organic method in which no artificial fertilisers or chemical sprays are used.  
We use a variety of materials and techniques to develop healthy humus levels, good soil structure, and biological activity in the soil
The orchard consists of cherries, plums, peaches, apples, quinces, olives, apricots, figs and boysenberries.  
The farm runs sheep.  
The lambs are sold to a biodynamic certified butcher.  
We grow BD oats and this year we are trialling BD wheat.
We hope you enjoy visiting our 
“Quilt Airing in the Orchard” 
and that you will take the time to walk in the orchard and the farm.
Adrian and Valda Martin.
0357 904 201"