Saturday, October 25, 2014

Look what arrived in the post

The post box had a large envelope sticking out..I noted as I drove in from physio yesterday morning.
Oh what can that be ???
It is Mains & Merveilles magazine that has 2 of my painted designs in it !!!!
This is a gorgeous cross stitch magazine from France
do I feel honoured to have my work in the magazine.
Anyone who knows my stitching of old can chuckle !!!
I am in awe of these delicate embroidery & the projects they make...
Thanks Cecile......

The December santa decoration in grey looks so happy...
25th December Button is going to take things slowly with his hands behind his back observing things !

Now what an unusual week here...
Firstly pop over to the sister blog, where you'll find the behind the studio goings this stage it is preparing for the workshop display boards today !!!

One of the neighbours told me the news that a snake was tapping on the screen door of my direct neighbour's screen back door...not far from my lodgings.

The snake went to another house which backs onto mine...
There was a snake last year on the other side of us in the lady's potato open tank spot..
Townhouse areas... often share multiple neighbours behind high tin fences.
I think this  snake climbed over the escape & obviously to come in to his back yard...where dog lives.
So I was already on alert...but now I am on creepy alert !!!
Remember to look down!!!

Across the road the paddock is yellowing more each day & so needs it's safety mowing but we all think along the street we will once again start the complaint saga that goes on.

It was highlighted more last week as major back burning was in the bush behind this property & many houses abut this bush...
Smoke billowing & that is one saving action
except a couple of nights later there are flare ups & smoke, smell of it & fire trucks screaming past us on the road...
Somehow I thought Oh my Gosh is this summer omen....
There is still back burning at the bush behind me to come... I'm going away then 
The owners ( water company )of part of the bush land behind me came & slashed the wild barley that grows exceptionally high...    all this week LOL

Oh and the parcel that has santas & angels in it are having a rollicking time ...on their way back to me from a series of don't ask express posting mishaps.
By the time we'd actually located the parcel it had been turned around 
& funnily it was tracked quite exactly by the courier service DHL..but ...if only the postal systems had checked this sooner.
So I watched with amazement the tracking of this parcel from here to there & now these guys are really playing a santa run...
Italy to Germany to London to Sydney to Melbourne
they haven't quite been around the world but a month's journey...
I am excited to see them & off they go again !!!
They should know the way this time !!!!
& no vino this trip santas.

Bets news was new orthotics  ...late yesterday I placed my feet into these moulded ones that felt like bliss !!!! I had a pair made in 2013 but wrong now I am poor but can walk happily !!!
It is magic !