Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Display boards

Oh my gosh I am having such a fun time with these display boards..
See more on other blog for background stuff

These displays are the more general ones...
 for the workshop in November..
Plus a little frame affair with buttons I made into stories with what buttons I had painted..
Then I wrote little stories on the cards..
I cannot help myself...& it is such fun !!!
I love the 2 rabbits with the topiary tree...you know in a frozen garden at Christmas one has to make do !!

What a day it has been the Italian order has been returned to Australia...& again do you think a box full of santas would come home & stop partying at each destination they have been on their round trip.
Coming back they left Italy, into Germany & cleared customs...into Heathrow London & again cleared customs..by Friday they had got to  Sydney & cleared through customs... that was via DHL & I was so heartened by the tracking service...
Now they are at postal system again & things have yet again ground to a halt URGHHHHHHH !

I seek a new spare bed this morning....I need it by Friday for guests...
I try a couple of spots  & nah nothing......onto Harvey Norman..
I found a bed on special...( as guest bed is not a high priority )
I ask can it be delivered by Friday & assembled..
It was delivered this evening after the bosses closed shop for exactly the sale price... no added charges for delivery or assembly.
It was really a wonderful surprise  & it is all here..Great service Harvey Norman Bendigo !

I had some other mishaps I had to deal with......
The day came to an end with the pink bed being delivered ....
Sure I didn't paint as much as i had planned but tomorrow is a public holiday for races..so I will stay grounded...& catch up !!!!
I have a plan.