Saturday, September 20, 2014

newish stuff

Batch of Cats have new colours..
I was pulling some shape out to work on for an order & these were in the same stock box...meowing loudly..
So these were the first things for that day
I love them
I will place them on the website when I have my next paint break
copyright Barbara Smith
 Pere Noel

I like to strand santas...for decorating

 I was packaging this order late last week & could not figure out why they looked so great.
I had painted the stockings red & this package now takes on a stronger look
Love IT !!!!
They got changed on the web straight away... 


shez said...

Hi Barb oh i love your new buttons,they look awesome.xx

theodora said...

Hi Shez, Thanks....Pretty cute they are....always love a bit of change
Barb xxx

kiwikid said...

Love all these buttons

theodora said...

Thank You .... !!!! Barb xx