Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Monday began ....

First I almost forgot
There are a couple more SPACES
 for the 
Check at
Monday began with these wonderful words from Julia
She has given me permission to quote her ...
"Dear Barb,
 Thankyou so much! 
You have no idea how your fame is spreading.
 I was at my Friday afternoon sewing group and your name in relationship to these workshops came up.
 A lady who is a regular attendee RAVED about you and these workshops. 
I could only agree with her; not about the workshops but about you. 
And I haven’t even met you yet!
 I have emailed Karen pronto so hope I may get in. 
Cheerio for now, Julia"

So ... I am more & more excited about the workshop & have been gathering the things we need for the bag to work with..play with sorry..
As I did some chores after posting the weekend's work yesterday...
I walked through Office Works after the bank...
For some sticky tape...an essential packing thing
I walk away after buying a desk/table with a drawer wide & slim..
in white
for my new paint table.
I a very excited.
I do gather the frames we will need for the workshop & more bon bons frames 
Then circle the work....

A few phones calls back & forth...
I settle late in the afternoon to work..
Most of this finished stuff has been put in the post yesterday.
More to keep me here today LOL


shez said...

wow thats awesome Barb,the word is spreading my friend.xx

theodora said...

It made me grin a bit Shez !!!
Barb xx