Monday, September 1, 2014

Look what I found

Yesterday I was in Mornington 
shop was closed.
But it was opened today
On my journey home..
I made the trip there especially...
as I had seen way too much from the windows

It is rather a lovely fresh shop...
With warm people living there !
Some wonderful fabrics 
especially linens & some other soft stuff that I need to buy a little piece of.

Friday I called into Baxter Sewing Bee shop which I  lovely & the people were lovely warm folk...
I had to buy some more delicious felt there...
Then it was onto Cowes
& a Sunny weekend was that nice !!!

I called into Gisborne today with intentions to see what linens were in the quilt shop..
But Quilt shop was gone ????
I asked but person didn't know...
So then I went into Kyneton to see Echidna 
So that was that I drove on home...


shez said...

Wow sounds like you had a lovely day Barb,the one in Gisbane has moved Sue took me there the day before your workshop,it near the main shopping centre I don't know the name of the street,shame you missed it Barb it is a lovely shop.xx

theodora said...

Hi Shez,
It was a lovely drive back...via the looks. If I have time when on the road I will often take the back roads or get off the freeway for a bit of respite LOL
Oh I thought of going around the back street in Gisborne but didn't.
I have been there before & yes a lovely stock of fabrics..
Thanks for that, I knew one of you would know...
Barb xxx

Jillby said...

Just to add a little bit extra, the Gisborne quilt shop is in Prince street, which is two streets over (in a westerly direction) from where it was originally. It is a lovely, large, bright shop. Mary is also stocking wool, patterns and needles now too. Hope you find it next time.

theodora said...

Thank you Jillby.... I was hoping someone would tell me.....How I look forward to seeing the new shop
Barb xx