Thursday, September 25, 2014

I took my break in Maldon

Yesterday I took my lunch break in Maldon
It is a little out in the country drive...
a village
some shops I frequent
the visual for my camera...

It is always inspiring in one sense or another...
Depends where my focus dwells I guess.
Yesterday....was checking for rubber stamps for the workshop...
magazines at the best newsagent for miles
the divine gallery
vege shop ...
As I walked from my car towards the little lane way the elms are in flower everywhere
These are the most beautiful flowers up close.

 Into the side street, this hibiscus was hanging over someone's fence...
I am rather thrilled with the image
That flower is a most amazing piece of nature's work
 In the lane way now as I look down towards the main street...
I see edges, borders of craftsmanship from a bygone era
This was just look & click & I didn't realise it was an original Art Gallery..until I uploaded the pictures this morning
Look at the sun partial image on both sides of the gallery building
The iron edging of the building in the foreground 
Also in the laneway is a large fig tree...I never realised before as they fig sends out it's leaves the actual fig fruit is also on the mostly naked branch..


shez said...

Hi Barb love your pics,you had a beautiful day.xx

kiwikid said...

That is a beautiful part of the world Barb, it is amazing what you see when you stop and look isn't it!!

theodora said...

Hi Shez,
It is always a treat to be able to whizz out to Maldon it takes about 30 mins..& takes e away from my work for a little while...Barb xxx

theodora said...

Yes Kiwikid.... it is lovely & I adore digital cameras point & kind of technology LOL
Was it you that had the bunnies on the lawn??? So cute that pic was.
Barb xxx

kiwikid said...

Yes that was me...thankyou....lots more today!

theodora said...

Hi, I saw those rabbits on your blog last night....personal lawn mowers..
Loved the one that was stretched out..just amazing to watch up close.
The kookaburra was also divine....
Barb xxx