Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Happy Colours

In a recent post I was talking about these stronger colours I wanted to try
If there was any fabric in this sort of colouring.
I had the paints
I tried them on these bird shapes...
Then a little on some taupe linen/cotton mix 
It all works!!
The fabric I found on Sunday while 
out & about
Vibrant but not glitzy...
Strength in the colour 
I had the new stamp from Mornington on the taupe fabric
& star was on top of tree...
just thinking for the Christmas workshop at Baxter thoughts
The other buttons landed there by chance 
it all works !!!
It is exciting when one colour or thing leads me along to many other ways of looking at stuff.
Now I mentioned re 
the workshop in Novemeber in Baxter
We are taking some more for the class... 
I had a think
On the drive on Sunday...
It is Christmas 
we will share with some more 
& have a grander day than planned...

I spoke with Karen yesterday
we are all good for it!!!
So email Karen ( see last post )
If you want to join us....
all the loveliest people are coming...
If you want to come by yourself, please do, it will be a warm  embracing feel...
this is part of what I believe 
we can all arrive alone & leave as friends.


Jacquie Morris said...

Yes!! Wonderful indeed :)
Such lovely colors too... pretty cute birds, they suit the colors so well too :)
Such a shame I live in England :(
Smiles :)

theodora said...

Thanks Jacquie.... yes shame UK is a little far away....but we have technology today which is wonderful..
Barb xx

kiwikid said...

The birds are really them!

theodora said...

Hi Kiwi Kid...
I love the birds too in these colours..
I will save them for the christmas do then ... Barb xxx