Wednesday, August 13, 2014

That French Rabbit !

That French rabbit 
had bounced off to become 
redwork stitcheries for our Christmas
thanks to Alex beautiful stitching 
they are back bouncing about over joyed to be at last stitched.
Many a drawing sits for sometimes a long time before ever stitched.

There are several projects I have ideas for these guys & the soft words the French rabbit speaks around the embroideries adds to the pleasure ( I think, & yes I am biased !!! 
I drew the critters..)
Soon my lovelies
Can I remind you these are copyright Barbara Smith 2014

 Finishing off the final sample ideas for the weekend workshop in Melbourne on Saturday
This sort of  creativeness 
lights me up !!!
I love it.
I am getting very excited for the workshop....
We are going to have 
a BEST TIME !!!!