Thursday, August 21, 2014

Morning All

As the weekend events fade just a little I am loving more  pictures from the workshop
These that I know of are on the side bar now

MRS MARTIN & myself have had 
a very exciting conversation 
are busy planning things to happen soon !!!

Thank you each one who did  contribute to this wonderful day!

Thank you for the comments and emails.. 
they warmed my heart.

... for me 

It was a catalyst 
that as I drove in the fog to find the school in the morning 
I had no idea or set of expectations 
of what the day would bring..
So no QLD for now anyway.... 
a move closer into the city is planned
More workshops with Karen 
( Mrs Martin's Quiltshop )

I have thoughts and way too many projects for a Christmas one already....
along the same feel..... as Saturday 
creating ..
being embraced by the spirit of creativity

I figure we need more 
feel good things in our lives 
and to mingle with people 
who just love to be with 
other creative people.


shez said...

Hi Barb what exciting news,cant wait for the next one ,i will be there with bells on,you are one special lady and love your inspiration,enjoy your day my friend.xx

theodora said...

Oh thanks Shez that is so warming of you & I am so pleased to have met you... bubbly lady...
And everyone was exactly who they were on that was special & we'll do another special one again...
Have a wonderful happy day
barb xxx

Kali said...

Barb how wonderful that there will be a Christmas event...and to hear you are moving to Melbourne (a much better choice than QLD...too humid up there) and Karen is SO excited about it all too...she was positively bubbling over yesterday.

kiwikid said...

Oh Barb that is exciting news - hope to be able to come to another one!! You are so generous and inspiring...will be there with Shez!!! Have a great day!

theodora said...

Hi Will love to see you again & bring your friends LOL
I love the blog posts you have thank you !!! It adds to the fun

theodora said...

Yes Kali it is all good ...The Christmas event will be filled with more mysterious stuff I have a list a day painting with my ind wandering is going to add to that. and do you know is all exciting & positive ... see you at a sewing circle near you when ever I find a place to rent.
Barb xxx

Melody said...

Your words are very true. There is just too much sadness in the world. Something fun and creative is a wonderful way to take take a break from reality. I love Christmas so I'm really excited about this workshop.

theodora said...

Melody did you see we are now onto Christmas workshop bringing more cheer to our days and another turning spot for me..perhaps LOL
Barb xxx

Farm Gate Creations said...

Hello Barb....I must say I just love the way you write...we are soooo looking forward to another one of your spectacular workshops...I don't think that you could keep us away with a 10 foot pole...xx

theodora said...

Hello at the farm gate....
I am happy & so very excited to be playing again with all of you who come ..pressure is on for me now LOL.....
I love writing, way too much I often think...but I am glad you enjoy it.