Tuesday, August 19, 2014

French Rabbit in Le Jardin Button Story

I am surrounded by French Rabbits.... !
In the post yesterday the French Rabbit dans le Jardin arrived stitched from Jenny in New Zealand.
 THANKS Jenny !!!
So he now waiting to be made into a sample when we go out again.
I updated the web second picture if you want to see all this stitching

I must say the first signs of spring are appearing..
A time of renewal for me 
Just like the dormant deciduous trees
I come to life with new growth & blossoms
The blackbird sings first light of the day now
I love that too.
The morning creeps in sooner I can hopefully shrug off that awful winter coat, this winter it was very heavy...must have got damp & cold & heavy during the rain spell.

We'll see what the world shall bring today ... lol


shez said...

Hi Barb cant wait till we get warmer weather,hope you have a wonderful day.xx

theodora said...

Thanks Shez, sun is shining I have paint gear on... so I think the day is going well. Karen & I have been talking.
Enjoy your day
Barb xx