Friday, August 8, 2014

Angel Quilt   
             Chance brought me to talk to Hazel this week as she was placing an order we chatted.
She told me that she had made my angel quilt some years ago.
I was amazed & said how I had given that to a lovely lady who had the general store in Calla Beach as i briefly came to rest there & the moisture in the house was too much too quickly.
Some things had to be stored until I could get proper transport back south.
The quilts such as this one was rather large & rather damp to touch...
I knew if it was stored for any length of time it would too have become mouldy..
So I offered it & it was so welcomed & would be passed on to her daughter.
So what I say is I do not own the sample now I do have the pattern of course. 

Hazel happily sent me this picture of her quilt from my design & has put it up for us all to admire

I remember designing this in Cohuna, one hot summer